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Foods and drinks to avoid when traveling

Everyone enjoys exploring foreign countries and coming across a wide variety of new foods and drinks. Most of these foods are so tasty. However, have you taken your time to research the food and water condition of the place? Most people forget to do this! When traveling to a place you have never been in […]

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Things to avoid doing when traveling

When planning a travel, most people focus a lot on what they are going to do. The come up with a list of many activities but forget to include their don’ts while traveling. You need to be responsible! Do a research of the place you intend to travel to. You might think that this is […]

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Top tourist attractions in Venice

If you like history and museums, then you should consider going to Venice. There are so many great things that you can see their, that it might be one of your best holidays. The only problem that many people have, is the fact that they don’t really know what the top attractions are in Venice. […]

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