Things to avoid doing when traveling

Things to avoid doing when travelingWhen planning a travel, most people focus a lot on what they are going to do. The come up with a list of many activities but forget to include their don’ts while traveling. You need to be responsible! Do a research of the place you intend to travel to. You might think that this is time-consuming. However, working on this will save you a lot from doing mistakes that may land you in deep trouble. Sit down and analyze the place. You can also consult travel specialists to guide you. Five star garage door service provides below a list of what to avoid doing when travelling:

  •          Do not attempt early trip booking

You may be overexcited or paranoid that you might miss your flight to an extent of booking too early. We are in the digital era. You should not worry much. There is a wide range of flight agencies to choose from. Booking early may make you get overcharged. Do not book your trip to late but book when the trip is around the corner. At this time, you may get discounts for your travel and pay less.

  •         Avoid exchanging cash currency

Be keen not to exchange your money in airports or unsafe places. This is because you may end up being exploited and overcharged of the rates. Avoid using checks too as most countries do not accept foreign checks. Go to a well-known bank that offers low rates or use your ATM to exchange your currency.

  •         Mind your dressing

It’s also recommended to research about a place way of dressing. This saves you from getting into trouble with the authorities. Some countries, especially the Middle East and Islamic countries condemn certain types of dressing. The best way is to dress modestly at all times while in foreign countries.

  •         Avoid tourist hotel traps

Try as much as possible to dine at restaurants and hotels that are situated near tourist attraction site. They tend to be trapped! This is because most of them tend to overcharge you because you do not have the prior knowledge of the different types of food in those places. Instead, go to a local hotel. Here, you can get to interact with the locals and the can provide you with the best information concerning different types of food and which food to go for. This saves you from wasting lot money on food.

  •         Avoid time wastage

Do not walk for long distances to save money. This time would have been used in identifying another tourist attraction. Remember, time is money!

  •         Be keen on your body language

Consult a country’s tourist specialist or read its rules and regulation. This is to avoid using certain body language that may be seen as an insult to that country. This is because different people interpret things differently. For instance, in Japan, it’s an offense to call someone by their first name.

  •         Keep away from your Smartphone

Make sure you do not get engrossed in your phone for long. Keep it away! This is because using it makes you addicted to it. You end up wasting a lot of time scrolling instead of investing in other salient activities such as focusing on new places.

  •          Avoid unknown accommodation

Do not go booking for accommodation places anyhow. Be keen to select the best-known places that are safe for you and your belongings. You can do this by researching on the best hotel options for accommodations.

–          The next time you travel, make a thorough research of the place you are to travel.